Appraisal Software that’s designed to simplify and speed up your Desk Reviews and Retrospective Reviews and to keep perfect records automatically. .

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Cloud Appraisal Technologies is designed for:

Banks, Mortgage Banks and Credit Unions that do Mortgage Lending

      Why Outsource?We make it easy and more cost effective

Appraisers & Appraisal Service Companies create a Desk Review


QC Outsourcers – a real profit center in itself- multi level customers

      Automatic invoicing… and much more

Look at these great features:

Web Based Technologies – work from anywhere/anytime

Users - import critical loan data &your own logo & letterhead

Pay only for what you use – no long term contracts

Rapid Training - Begin working in less than 1 hour

Just fill in the form blanks –desk review takes less than 15 minutes

Built in automatic reporting and record keeping

Transmit results with built in email technology

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